Artist – Designer – Tinkerer


Up until a couple of years ago I never really considered myself to be an artist. However, living in Wagga and attending a number of workshops this is slowly began to change. I hope to be able to use this website to explore various creative endeavours.

A number of years ago I ran my own video production business where I primarily converted analogue formats to DVD and hard drive for the general public. Since closing that business I have mainly done freelance web design. In 2019, I enrolled in a certificate VI in graphic design to further build upon my design skills.

I consider myself to be a tinkerer more than anything else. I get a huge amount of joy out of playing with things and seeing how they work, or they could work. I have a wide range of interests. These include art, design, photography, technology and music. I explore these interests using Raspberry Pis and Arduinos, as well as various forms of ageing analogue technology.